The right conversations at the right time
The right conversationsat the right time

Consultations with Dr. Reeve

Why would I need a private consultation with Dr. Reeve?


-- If your health system does not have a palliative care team

-- If you generally like to avoid western medicine and prefer more alternative approaches

-- If you already have a primary or palliative care doctor managing your medications but you want more time for discussion, preparation, planning, and guidance

-- If you would like the convenience of having a physician come to your home for discussions with you and your family

-- If you would like to learn more about the End Of Life Options Act and physician aid-in-dying

Palliative Care is a relatively new specialty of medicine that focuses on helping people with serious illnesses by:


  • assisting with pain and symptom management
  • focusing on maintaining quality of life
  • providing emotional support
  • facilitating conversation about patients' goals and wishes
  • assisting with completion of advance care planning documents
  • referring to chaplains/ social workers/ others as needed
  • improving communication between teams of providers
  • participating in family meetings  



Palliative Care is different from hospice in that Palliative Care providers ideally get involved early in the disease process and can provide support and guidance even if the disease is stable or improving. They are involved throughout the duration of treatment no matter what the outcome might be.


In some hospital systems, the Palliative Care team is referred to as Supportive Care Medicine.  If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from this type of care, ask any of your treating physicians if your health system has a Palliative Care or Supportive Care Medicine team to which they could refer you.






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