Energy Medicine

Modern medicine constantly advances technology and medications to diagnose and fix the body's biochemical and physical maladies. Most would agree, however, that our overall health is about far more than our physical bodies. Many people seek a more holistic approach to their health. Below are a few modalities I use to help clients find relaxation, discover the root of illness, and explore what their symptoms are trying to tell them. 


Reiki is a healing modality that directs subtle energy through the palms of the hands towards the body's chakras (energy centers) to promote healing and balance. We all have the ability to send healing reiki energy to ourselves and others. With training and practice, we can become a wider channel for energy and increase sensitivity to energy flow.


In general, reiki is practiced by laying hands gently over the chakras.  There are 7 main chakras that are aligned from the top of our heads to the tip of our tailbone and each chakra relates to certain organ systems and emotional states. The practitioner uses techniques to channel focused energy through their hands into the chakra areas with the goal of bringing each chakra into its highest vibrational state, or "balancing" them. Clients describe feeling the reiki energy as heat, vibration, or tingling. This process puts the body into a very relaxed state which has been proven to support better immune system function.




Shamanic Work

Shamanism is a spiritual methodology that believes a consciousness runs through everything that exists. In an altered state, a shamanic practitioner can communicate with this universal consciousness in its various forms to gain insight and guidance about how to help someone heal physical, emotional, or spiritual injuries that impair their life.  Sometimes theses traumas are from long ago, but the imprint remains and is causing an obstruction to health.

 In a typical healing session, the client and practitioner lay next to each other on the floor. While listening to drumming music, the practitioner is guided to perform certain techniques which may include a soul retrieval, extraction work, and/or power animal retrieval. After the session is over, we discuss the work that was done and how to integrate the shifts that have taken place.


"Okay, but is this stuff real?"

As a physician and scientist, I admit my logical mind often questions whether this type of work is "real", however there is much still unknown about the body's subtle energy system and how we might adjust it. Terms such as "extraction" or "soul retrieval" I see simply as ornate spiritual language for removing energy excess or replenishing energy deficiency. If the physical body tries to maintain homeostasis and our medications help keep it balanced, then why would we approach our spiritual bodies any differently?



Other services offered:

  • Officiating weddings/commitment ceremonies
  • Shamanic drum circles
  • Group workshop on self-reiki
  • Group workshop on shamanic journeying




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