The right conversations at the right time
The right conversationsat the right time

Legacy Work

Some people who are aging or facing end of life choose to create special moments for their loved ones that can be preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. 


I am a photographer, artist, and musician so creativity is my language and legacy work is my passion. I can also officiate weddings or guide other ceremonies by request.





We can discuss ideas for how to leave a legacy or how to make every day count in the way that is most meaningful to you and your loved ones. I can help you think through the logistics involved (locations, timing, limitations due to medical conditions) and connect you to the right people for the job. You might consider ideas such as:


     ~ a family photo shoot

     ~ a family art project where everyone contributes

     ~ planning a life celebration event

     ~ video messages or written letters to loved ones

     ~ a commitment ceremony, wedding, or renewed vows in any location

     ~ a live performance of a favorite song 

     ~ writing or narrating some of your favorite life moments

     ~ addressing personal or family healing work






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