The right conversations at the right time
The right conversationsat the right time

The awareness that life will eventually end for all of us can cause deep distress and fear of the unknown. It can also remind us to live more consciously in the present moment. As a palliative care physician, I help people find a sense of control and clarity in the following situations:


     ~  You or a loved one is facing serious illness and are curious about all options

     ~  You or a loved one is not currently sick but have questions about how to be prepared for eventual health decline

     ~  You need assistance completing legal documentation to ensure your wishes are honored, such as advance directives

     ~  You would like to talk openly and candidly about your beliefs around dying in a safe space

     ~  You prefer alternative treatments for your serious illness and need guidance navigating Western medicine when it is required

     ~  Your family member/s are struggling to understand or support your health care wishes and you would like help with communication



Please contact me at to discuss how I can help you.


I enjoy working with people of all races, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and religions to ensure their wishes and preferences are heard and understood.

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