Advanced Illness and Life Planning
Advanced Illness and Life Planning


Advance Directive completion only

Must be in person for notary services


$299 ( notary fee included)

$499 for a couple at same location

Possible travel fee depending on distance


The majority of Americans do not have an Advance Directive or health care power of attorney. These documents are very important and help to communicate your wishes and personal values if you are ever in a medical situation where you cannot speak for yourself.  Every adult, whether healthy or dealing with illness, should have an advance directive. It is particularly important for those who do not want immediate family to be their decision-makers, which is often what happens by default.


I encourage you to not put this off until "later". Think of it as a gift to your loved ones that brings much clarity, guidance, and reassurance should they ever have to make difficult decisions on your behalf.


This service is only appropriate for people who have full capacity to make decisions, communicate clearly, and sign legal documents. If this is not  the case, such as in the case of advanced dementia, please request a full consultation (see below).



-- Home visit within Los Angeles
-- Interview to understand your general health care situation
-- Guidance on choosing the best health care power of attorney
-- Education about your health care options and documentation of your wishes
-- Advance Directive document completion/notarization
-- Digital copy to share with your loved ones and medical team

Full consultation

Can be remote or in-person, must be in-person if requesting document completion



Possible travel fee depending on distance



This service will cover an in-depth review of your (or your loved one's) medical situation as well as the social/family dynamics and a quality of life assessment. We can address your questions and concerns around general end-of-life preparedness to creating a specific plan. If needed, I can also give information about hospice care, how it works, and the appropriate timing based on the medical situation. You may include family members in this session if desired.


Our consultation can include:
-- Thorough understanding of your health situation, diagnoses, and prognosis
-- Clarifying health care goals and wishes
-- Completion of Advance Directive (see above)
-- POLST education/completion (Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment)
-- Discussing how to be prepared for eventual health decline
-- Open and candid discussion of beliefs around end of life issues in a safe space
-- Emotional support for you and your family
-- Family meeting if communication support is needed for distressed loved ones
-- Recommendations on how to navigate the health care system to ensure your wishes are seen and respected by your medical teams
-- Follow up visits optional, depending on your needs


Advance Directive Party!

In person


Cost varies depending on number of attendees and location


Gather up some friends and let's make it a fun social event!  I'll give a presentation about the importance of Advance Directives and answer questions about how to complete them.  I'll help each person individually to complete their Advance Directive or at least make sure they understand how to complete it on their own after they have had some time to think about it.  Anyone ready to complete and sign it can do so with witnessess or I can notarize it.  After we are done, you can pour some wine, toast to loving life, and feel good about accomplishing a hard task with group support! 


Please email me to discuss details. I'd love to help you plan an event!

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