The right conversations at the right time
The right conversationsat the right time

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where do you practice medicine?


I have a private practice for palliative care consulting where I can meet with clients in their homes (depending on location/distance) or we can connect remotely via Zoom/ Facetime/ telephone.

I also work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and I am the medical director of a hospice in Los Angeles. 


What are your rates and do you take insurance?


My cost is $220/hour for virtual or phone appointment, $250/hour for a home visit.  You can expect the initial consultation to take at least one hour.   Follow up appointments can be made if needed, tailored to your situation.  I currently do not take insurance.

Can you prescribe me pain medications or be my primary doctor?


At this time, my private practice is only for consultation/guidance and does not include medication management. If pain or symptom management issues are apparent during our meetings, we can discuss ways to advocate with your health care team for adequate treatment.


I'm worried that my parent is getting older but they shut down when I try to talk to them about this stuff. Can you help?


I can't force anyone to discuss things they'd rather not, but there are ways to approach these topics gently and indirectly. We can discuss your parent's situation and can explore the approach that would work best for them. Often times people will open up more if they feel you're trying to help empower them and give them more control rather than talk about their control being taken away.  Feel free to email me about the situation to see if I can help.

Can my whole family join our consultation?


Absolutely. If there are a number of family members or complex family dynamics, it may be better to do an initial consultation separately. Once I have an understanding of your medical situation and what you are hoping for, we can then arrange a family meeting (in person or remotely) where I assist in explaining clinical information, give loved ones a safe space to express their concerns and questions, and try to create a plan that all can support and understand.

Do you help people with physician aid-in-dying (also sometimes called physician assisted suicide)?


During our consultation, we can discuss your options and rights in California. This could include the End Of Life Options Act which allows patients with a terminal illness and prognosis of 6 months or less to acquire medications that will cause their death.  There are a number of steps and criteria that need to be met for this program, and I can assist in guiding you through them if you qualify.





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