Advanced Illness and Life Planning
Advanced Illness and Life Planning

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     Since completing medical training in 2014, I have been working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a palliative care physician and consultant to people in various stages of illness.  I have seen how a patient's journey can change when they approach health challenges with open, thoughtful communication. Family and loved ones around them are postiviely impacted as well.


     By offering earlier consultations before hospitalizations occur, I hope to help my clients avoid situations of suffering they never would have wanted.  I empower people with education so they can protect themselves during declining health with informed decision-making. 


     Alongside my Western medicine career, I have also been an active practitioner of energy medicine.  My training has focused on the use of reiki, shamanic methods, and sound to align the body's energies in a way that best supports healing.  People who have tried these modalites usually report a feeling of deep calm and peace, and sometimes have more intensely transformative experiences.  I believe in using medicine in all forms to do healing work even when a physical cure is not possible.


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